Tayyip is choosing repression as the way forward. While short-term, this may keep him and his in power, in the long run all he does is create a rationale for revolution.

This will end either in a cowed and subdued populace, or in an actual uprising.

While truth is hardly ever binary, it seems to me that now, Turkey is at a fork in the road.

to whom it may concern

the lack of lustre
to your monastic moans
betrays a failure
of your monistic koans
your grasp on truth
borders on fantastic
and your wanton loans
of others’ wisdom
do nothing to absolve your debt
you are guilty, sir,
of harbouring fugitive fallacy
your hammering on principle
is nothing short of phallusy

live words by to

” The moral value of equal protection for all trumps the narrower dictates of any particular dogma.”

source: Judith Warner, at